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Brides, wear your pearl anklet during your wedding and honeymoon for good luck! Brides, have you heard about the custom of wearing a pearl anklet on your wedding day and through your honeymoon for good luck?  Put the pearl anklet on the day of your wedding and wear it throughout your entire honeymoon.  Your new husband will love it!  And remember...pearls for good luck on your wedding day!
Our pearl anklets are hand-crafted using genuine cultured freshwater pearls (you can choose oval or round pearls - you also have your choice of natural/white, black/peacock or pink/peach pearls), Swarovski™ crystals, and sterling silver.  Anklets are approx. 10" in length (yes, we can customize the length for you - just email me.)
Read more about wedding day good luck!
Oval Pearl Anklet $19.95...
oval pearl bridal anklet - good luck for the bride on her wedding day oval pearl bridal anklet
To order item#:  RYSAnkOval
Special Requests:
Round Potato Pearl Anklet $19.95...
bridal round pearl anklet round pearl anklet
black pearl anklet black pearl anklet black pearl anklet Pictured here in black round pearls
To order item#:  RYSAnkRound
Special Requests:
Hand-Crafted Something Blue Wedding Day Good Luck Anklet $25.95
something blue bride's wedding day anklet - pearls and blue crystals for good luck bride's something blue wedding day anklet bridal pearl anklet - something blue anklet something blue wedding day anklet - good luck for the bride
Brides, how about a pearl anklet with blue crystals for you to wear as your Something Blue on your wedding day?
This anklet is hand-crafted with genuine cultured freshwater pearls and Swarovski™ Light Sapphire (or choose the blue crystal you want) crystals.  The clasp is sterling silver.
You will have a double whammy of good luck with the pearls for good luck and the blue crystals for the Something Blue tradition in one great piece of jewelry!
I can make this anklet any length for a perfect fit on your ankle (just measure your anklet and let me know how many inches you need the anklet to be in the "Special Requests to Rhonda" section of the order form).  If no special length is requested, your anklet will be approx. 10" long.
To order item#:  SBAnklet
Special Requests:
something blue wedding anklet with larger round pearls something blue bridal anklet with larger round pearls something blue bridal anklet with larger round pearls and blue crystal dangle
Special request - larger round pearls with blue crystal dangle
pearl with crystals anklet pearl with crystals anklet Hand-Crafted Pearl with Crystal Dangles Anklet $25.95
This is a hand-crafted genuine cultured freshwater pearl anklet with Swarovski™ crystals.
To order item#:  RYSAnkCrystal
Special Requests:
pearl bridal anklet with tanzanite crystals pictured here with tanzanite crystalsClick here to see this anklet on a bride.
clear and siam crystal anklet Hand-Crafted All Crystals Anklet $27.95
This is a hand-crafted anklet with Swarovski™ crystals.
clear ab crystals and lt rose crystals anklet clear and pink crystal anklet pictured here with Swarovski™ clear AB and light rose crystals
clear and vintage rose crystal anklet anklet made with clear crystasl and vintage rose crystals pictured here with Swarovski™ Clear crystals and Vintage Rose crystals
To order item#:  RYSCrystalAnklet
Special Requests:
Email Us or Call Our 24-Hour Answering Service at 1-210-858-9561
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