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CHARMS:  A and B

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Traditional Cake Charm Meaning Charms Under $7 Charms $7 - $10 Charms $10 - $15 Charms $15+
You Will Have a Life of Travel and Adventure     Airplane A,B,C  
You Will Have a Life of Excitement       Airboat
You Will Live a Long and Enjoyable Life   Alligator A Alligator C,D,F Alligator B,E,G
You Will Have a Life of Stability and Hope Anchor B,C,D,E,G,H,I Anchor A Anchor F  
You Will Have a Life of Blessings Angel K,P,W Angel B,I,S,T Angel A,E,J,L,M,O,Q,R,U Angel C,D,F,G,H,N
You Will Celebrate a Lot of Wonderful Anniversaries With Your Husband Anniversary Band A,C   Anniversary Band B  
Your Creative Talents Will Flow Freely Throughout Your Life Artist Palette A Artist Palette E,F Artist Palette D Artist Palette B,C,G
You Will Have a Life Blessed With Healthy and Happy Children


You Will Be the Next One to Become Pregnant


  Baby B Baby D Baby A,C
  Baby Blanket

Baby Diaper Pin

Baby Rattle

Baby Cup

Baby Book
Baby Bib B   Baby Bib A  
  Baby Booties B,C,E Baby Booties A,F  
Baby Bottle A,B      
    Baby Carriage A,B,C Baby Carriage D,E,F
  Baby High Chair A,B    
  Baby Pacifier B,D Baby Pacifier C Baby Pacifier A
  Rocking Horse E Rocking Horse A,C,D Rocking Horse B
  Stork with Baby D Stork with Baby A,B,C  
Rabbit B,C,D Rabbit A,E Rabbit F  
Your Dreams Will Come True Ballerina K,N Ballerina B,C,D,M,H,J Ballerina A,G,L,O,E,F Ballerina I
Your Life Will Be Filled With Fun in the Sun Beach Charms D,K,R,V
Seashell D
Beach Charms N,J,T,U
Seashell B,C,E,F
Beach Charms B,L,I,M,T,P,H Beach Charms A,E,F,G,O,S,Q
Seashell A
You Will Have a Life of Wisdom     Bear A,B,C,D,E  
You Will Have a Sweet Life Bee E   Bee B,F Bee A,C,D
You Will Have a Life Filled With the Finest Nectar From the Most Beautiful Flowers   Bee Hive    
You Will Have a Life of Provision   Bird Feeder A Angel w/Bird  
You Will Have a Happy Home Birdhouse C Birdhouse F
Bird Nest A,B
Birdhouse A
Bird Nest D
Birdhouse B,D,E
Bird Nest C,E
You Will Have a Life Filled With Knowledge   Book E Book C,D,F Book A,B
You Will Have a Life Filled With Celebrations       Bourbon Street Sign A,B,C
You Will Be a Bride Soon   Bride Heart   Bride
You Will Live a Colorful Life

Butterfly A,B,C,E,F,I,M,O,P

Butterfly D,N,Q

Butterfly G,J,K,L,R,S

Butterfly H

Sorry, You Will Be an Old Maid! Button C Button A Button D Button B

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