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Each Sterling Silver Charm on this page is a reminder of a little bit of smart advice - we like to call them Tid-Bits of Wisdom.  Have fun with them as Wedding Cake Charms!
Sterling Silver Charm Tid-Bit of Wisdom/Smart Advice
Angel Charms Be Kind to Everyone You Meet (a Stranger May Be an Angel in Disguise)
Apple Charms Make Healthy Choices For Your Body
Artist Palette The World is But a Canvas to the Imagination (H Thoreau)
Baby Charms Experience the Joy You Receive When You Feed the Soul of a Child
Ballerina Charms Joyfully Dance as if No One is Looking
Bathtub Charm Soak the World Away
Beach Charms Memories of Sea-side Vacations Will Stay With Your Forever
Bird Charms:

Cardinal Charms

Bird Nest/Birdhouse Charms

Hummingbird Charms

Robin Charms

Until You Spread Your Wings, You Will Have No Idea How Far You Can Fly
Birthday Cake Charms Count Your Blessings, Not Your Candles, Each Year
Book Charms There is No Such Thing as Too Many Books
Button Charms

Quilting/Sewing Charms

Thimble Charms

We Do Not Stop Laughing Because We Grow Old, We Grow Old Because We Stop Laughing
Butterfly Charms Without Change, There Would Be No Butterflies
Car Charms Life is a Journey, Not a Destination - Delight in the Ride
Castle Charms


Cinderella Charms

It's Never Too Late to Live Happily Ever After
Cat Charms Take a Cat Nap on a Dog Day Afternoon
Claddagh Heart-in-Hands Charms Cherish Friends and Family
Clown Charms Never Forget Laughter is the Best Medicine
Cross Charms Be Steadfast in Faith
Crown Charms Yes, You Deserve the Royal Treatment
Crown and Scepter Charm It's Good to Be the Queen!
Cuckoo Clock Charms Always Make Time For Play
Door Knocker Charm Greet Guests to Your Home With a Warm Welcome
Dove Charms Be a Peace-Maker
Earth/Globe Charms Protect Our Environment
Engagement Ring Charms The Journey of Commitment Takes a Lifetime
Fairy Charms There Are Times in an Ordinary Life, Love Gives You A Fairytale
Flower Charms Fresh Flowers Are For More Than Just Special Occasions
Friend Charms Close Friends Are God's Way of Apologizing For Our Relatives
Garden/Yard Tool Charms Play in the Dirt - It's Good Therapy
Gift/Present Charms Each Day is a Gift From God - Make It Count
Graduation Charms Become a Life-Long Learner
Grandfather Clock Charms We Do Not Remember Days, We Remember Moments
Heart Charms Love and Be Loved
High Heel Shoe Charms Sometimes a Girl Just Needs a Day of Shoe Shopping
Hot Air Balloon Charms Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy
House/Home Charms Make a Happy Home
Ice Cream Cone Charms Sometimes It's Okay to Eat Dessert First
Kisses Charms The Mr. Gets Kisses From The Mrs. When He Does The Dishes
Lamb/Sheep Charms When You Can't Sleep, Don't Count Sheep - Talk to The Shepherd
LOVE Charms "We Can Do No Great Things, Only Small Things With Great Love"...Mother Teresa
Junk Food Charms Indulge in Comfort Food When the Mood Hits
Kitchen Items Charms Learn to Prepare a Memorable Gourmet Culinary Delight
Lips Charms Always Kiss Your Husband Goodnight
Lipstick Charms Accentuate the Positive and Never Dwell on the Negative
Masquerade/Mardi-Gras Mask Charms Do Not Hide the Real You
Measuring Tape Charm

Measuring Cups Charm

The Measure of Love is to Love Without Measure
Moon and Star Charms Shoot For the Moon - Even if You Miss, You Will Land Among the Stars
Motorcycle Charms Take a Ride on the Wild Side Every Now and Then
Music Charms Sing Loud and From the Heart
Owl Charms Adopt a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, "Great Minds Discuss Ideas - Average Minds Discuss Events - Small Minds Discuss People"
Palm Tree Charms Make Time to Take Exotic Vacations
Panties/Bloomers/Knickers Some Days You Just Have to Put on Your Big-Girl Panties and Deal With It!
Pig Charms You Can Put Lipstick on a Pig, But It's Still a Pig
Pineapple Charms Greet Guests to Your Home With a Warm Welcome
Praying Hands Charms There is Power in Prayer - No Need to Worry When You can Pray
Purse Charms

also see Shopping Charms

Sometimes It's Best to Just Shop 'Til You Drop
Rocking Chair Charms Maturity and Craftiness Will Triumph Over Youth and Skillfulness
Rose Charms Take Time to Stop and Smell the Roses
Smiley/Happy Face Charms There is Always Something to be Happy and Thankful For
Snowflake Charms Remember You Are Unique and Beautiful
Swan Charms Show the World Your Elegant Side
Tea/Teapot Charms Be a Gracious Hostess to All Your Guests
Telephone Charms Talk Often With Those You Love
Ticket Charms Attend a Once-in-a-Lifetime Event
Tools Charms Repair Broken Relationships
Umbrella Charms Plan Ahead and Be Prepared For the Unexpected
Wedding Charms:

Wedding Bells Charms

Wedding Cake Charms

Wedding Couple Charms

Wedding Rings Charms

Rejoice in Your Marriage
Wine Items Charms Celebrate the Special Moments of Your Life
Writing Items Charms Hand-Written Notes and Letters Are Always Appreciated
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