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CHARMS:  R, S, T, U, V, W

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Traditional Cake Charm Meaning Charms Under $7 Charms $7 - $10 Charms $10 - $15 Charms $15+
You Will Be the Next One to Become Pregnant Rabbit B,C,D Rabbit A,E Rabbit F  
There is a New Move in Your Near Future   Real Estate Sold Sign    
You Will Have a Life Filled With Love
"I Love You Once, I Love You Twice, I Love You More Than Red Beans and Rice!"
      Red Bean
Your Life Will Be Full of Nostalgic Memories     Riverboat E Riverboat A,B,C,D
You Will Live a Rock-n-Roll Life Rock-n-Roll D Rock-n-Roll C Rock-n-Roll A,B  
You Will Live a Long Enjoyable Life   Rocking Chair C,D Rocking Chair A,B  
You Will Have a Life of Beauty Rose E,F,G Rose D,J,P,Q,S,T Rose A,B,C,M,N Rose H,I,K,L,O,R
You Will Have a Life Filled With Fun and Laughter     Rubber Chicken  
You Will Have a Life of Smooth Sailing Sailboat A,F Sailboat C,G Sailboat B,D Sailboat E
You Will Have a Life of Wealth Sand Dollar E,H,K,N Sand Dollar A,G,L,O,P,Q,R Sand Dollar C,D,I,J,M Sand Dollar B,F
You Will Have a Life Filled With Cherished Memories   Scrapbook B,G Scrapbook F,H Scrapbook A,C,D,E
You Will Have a Life of Timeless Beauty Seashell D Seashell B,C,E,F   Seashell A
You Will Have a Lot of Unexpected Luck Through the Years   Shamrock B,C,E Shamrock A,D  
You Will Be Rewarded for Loyalty and Hard Work During Your Lifetime Shovel      
Your Life Will Be Filled With Kid-at-Heart Moments   Skateboard A,B    
Girls Rule...Always Leave Your Mark!     Skull & Cross Bones A  
You Will Have a Life of Joy Smiley Face B,C,F Smiley Face A,D Smiley Face E,G,H  
You Will Have a Sweet Life     Sno-Ball Cone B Sno-Ball Cone A
Your Life Will Be Filled With Old and New Family Traditions Spinning Wheel      
You Will Have a Wish Granted Soon Star A,B,C,D Star E,H,G    
Your Life Will Be Filled With Fun and Leisure   Streetcar B Streetcar C Streetcar A,D,E
You Will Have a Life of Travel and Adventure     Suitcase B Suitcase A,C
You Will Have a Life Filled With Sunny Days Sun A,B,E Sun D,F,G Sun C  
You Will Have a Life of Happiness Sunflower B,E,G,H Sunflower F,I,J,O,R Sunflower A,C,D,K,M,Q Sunflower L,N
You Will Have a Life of Romance   Tandem Bicycle B Tandem Bicycle A  
Your Life Will Overflow With Tranquility and Contentment Tea K Tea B Tea C,E,F,I Tea A,D,G,H,J
You Will Have a Life Filled With Warmth and Comfort Teddy Bear A,E,F Teddy Bear B,D,I Teddy Bear G,H Teddy Bear C
Good News Will Soon Come Your Way Telephone Telephone Telephone Telephone
Your Creative Talents Will Flow Freely Throughout Your Life Theater Masks B,C Theater Masks D Theater Masks A  
Sorry, You Will Be an Old Maid!     Thimble A,B Thimble C
Your Life Will Be Filled With Kid-at-Heart Moments       Trampoline
You Will Have New Talents Discovered Soon   Treasure Chest B Treasure Chest C Treasure Chest A,D
You Will Have a Life of Stability and Hope

Tree of Life

Your Life Will Be Showered With Love   Umbrella B,G,H Umbrella A,C,E Umbrella D,F,I
You Will Live a Life of Fantasy   Unicorn B,D,E,G Unicorn A  
Wedding Bells Will Soon Ring For You   Wedding Bells F,H,K Wedding Bells B,I,J,M Wedding Bells A,C,D,G,L
You Will Soon be Cutting Your Wedding Cake   Wedding Cake A Wedding Cake C,D Wedding Cake B,E,F
You Will Be the Next to be Married     Wedding Couple C,D,E Wedding Couple A,B
You Will Have a Blissful Marriage   Wedding Ring Set B Wedding Ring Set A  
Your Life Will Be Filled With Wonder and Inspiration   Whale A Whale B Whale C
Your Life Will Be Filled With Thrilling Voyages       White Water Raft
You Will Have a Life of Romance Wine Corkscrew
Wine Glass (small)
Wine Cheers
Wine Bottle Cork
Wine Glass
Wine Bottle A
Wine Crossed Glasses A and B
Wine Goblet A and D
Wine Barrel
Red Wine Bottle
Wine Bottle B
Wine Goblet B and C
Red Wine Glass
Wine in Basket
Wine Carafe
Wine Glass
Wine Ice Bucket
Wine Cooler
Wine Tray
Wine For Two
You Will Have a Wish Granted Soon Wishbone B Wishbone D Wishbone A,C  
You Will Have a Wish Granted Soon     Wishing Well C Wishing Well A,B
You Will Have a Life of Contentment Wreath A,D Wreath C,E Wreath B,G Wreath F

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