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sterling silver august gladiolus birth month flower earrings August (Gladiolus) Birth Month Earrings
august birth month flower - gladiolus About the Gladiolus...
The name comes from the Latin word "gladius" meaning "sword" for the shape of the leaves.  It represents Roman gladiators.  The gladiolus signifies remembrance, infatuation, love, marriage and family.  If you send someone a gladiolus, you are in effect saying "you pierce my heart".
Before the African gladioli became popular in the West, the Mediterranean and British gladiolus flowers were used to treat physical ailments.  The English used the gladiolus flower's stem base (corms) as a poultice and for drawing out thorns and splinters.  Powdered corms mixed with goat's milk was commonly used to soothe the symptoms of colic.

sterling silver september aster birth month earrings September (Aster) Birth Month Earrings
september birth month flower - aster About the Aster...
The name is Latin for "star" because of the flower's shape.  Aster is the herb of the goddess Venus.  Ancients believed burning the leaves would drive away serpents.  One myth is that asters were created from stardust when Virgo looked drown from the heavens and wept, thus it is the flower of September.
Asters were laid on the graves of French soldiers to symbolize the wish that things had turned out differently.  So, it only makes sense that Asters symbolize afterthought or a wish that things were different.

sterling silver october marigold birth month earrings October (Marigold) Birth Month Earrings
october birth month flower - marigold About the Marigold (Calendula)...
A calendula is a member of the marigold family.  It has long been valued for its medicinal and culinary uses.  It eases digestion, cures skin irritations, jaundice, sore eyes and toothaches.   he Romans used calendula to season meats and salads.  Early Christians called it "Mary's Gold" and placed the flowers by statues of the Virgin Mary.  The calendula is the most sacred flower of ancient India and placed around the necks of holy statues.
A calendula is sometimes called "summer's bride" or "husbandman's dial" because the flower head follows the sun.  The Latin meaning for calendula is "throughout the months".
The calendula flower means "winning grace" in the language of flowers.

sterling silver november chrysanthemum birth month earrings November (Chrysanthemum) Birth Month Earrings
november birth month flower - chrysanthemum About the Chrysanthemum...
You are probably more familiar with the common name "Mum".  The name comes from the Greek work "chrysos" for gold and "anthos" for flower.  Chrysanthemums have been in Asian gardens for thousands of years.  The Chinese chose this flower for October because it blooms in the fall.  It is a symbol of the rest and ease that follows the final harvest.  Mums are considered one the four Chinese "noble plants" (other 3: bamboo, plum, orchid) and were the official badge of the Old Chinese Army.  At one time, mums were only for the noble class and prohibited to grow in the garden of a lower-class person.
The Chinese believe if you give a mum to your beloved, after you drink wine and brush the flower across your mouth, this will ensure undying love and fidelity.
Chrysanthemums were also featured on the imperial Crest of Japan (they are called "kikus" in Japanese).  Japanese emperors have sat upon mum thrones.  Japanese consider the mum to be a symbol of the sun.  Orderly unfolding of the petals is a symbol of perfection.  Also, a single mum petal at the bottom of a wine glass encourages a long and healthy life.
A red mum means love, good luck and best wishes.  A white mum stands for truth.  A yellow mum indicates slighted love.  All mums symbolize cheerfulness, rest and friendship.

sterling silver december narcissus birth month flower earrings December (Narcissus) Birth Month Earrings
december birth month flower - narcissus Read About the Narcissus.

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