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3-piece double-strand pearl choker, bracelet and earrings set - perfect for the bride or bridesmaid
Go to Double-strand Woven Jewelry
$49.95 - $199.95
3-piece set: triple-strand woven pearl choker, matching bracelet and earrings - a beautiful bridal jewelry set
Go to Triple-strand Woven Jewelry
$49.95 - $319.95
Our woven pearl 5-strand choker, bracelet and earrings jewelry set for a bride.
Go to 5-strand Woven Jewelry
$49.95 - $475.95
This is our woven pearl jewelry design.  This is a special collection design.  The quality is superb!  The design is classic!  Certain to be an heirloom piece of jewelry!  We make this design in double, triple and five-strand styles.
Each piece is hand-crafted and made with approx. 4.5mm-5.5mm round genuine cultured freshwater pearls.  These are the highest grade of freshwater pearl you can have (we use AA/AAA rated pearls).  You have your choice of white (natural), black (peacock), or pink/peach pearls.
Are you looking for a custom pearl color?  Email me - I may be able to find it for you.
You can also choose Swarovski™ crystals or Swarovski™ crystal pearls - have your necklace, bracelet and earrings made your way!
We use sterling silver wire to make the jewelry pieces (yes, we can make theses pieces in 14k gold-filled and 14k gold - email me for more information).
The necklace and bracelet both feature a sterling silver swivel lobster clasp and chain extender so the necklace can be adjusted approx. 2" and the bracelet approx. 1".  The necklace length is approx. 13" and the bracelet is approx. 7" (yes, we can make custom sizes to fit your neck and wrist - email me for price quotes.)  As a rule of thumb, additional lengths are $20 per inch.
The matching earrings are sterling silver Leverbacks with an approx. 7x5mm teardrop pearl that is top-drilled so there is no drill hole showing at the bottom of the pearl.  Very nice!  We also have a larger teardrop earring available if you want - just email me.
Email me or call me at 1-210-858-9561 with questions, requests, orders, etc.
Every piece is a labor of love...
Bud uses his nautical ability of weaving and knotting to handcraft each piece.  It takes him a lot of time (sometimes up to 8 hours to make a single piece), a lot of pearls (for example, the 5-strand choker can have approx. 200 pearls on it) and silver wire (for example, the 5-strand necklace needs around 13' - yes feet! - of silver wire and it takes around 7 hours) to make this woven pattern.
Here are some pictures of the steps involved in the process:
starting the process of weaving the pearl choker necklace First, he cuts all the pieces of sterling silver wire and attaches them on one of the clasp bar ends...
getting the woven pearl pattern started for the pearl choker necklace Next, he gets the woven pattern for the necklace started...
weaving the pearl necklace weaving the pearl necklace weaving the pearl necklace As each hour passes, the pearl necklace forms...
final measurement of the pearl necklace He is getting close to the final measurement...almost there...
sterling silver five-strand woven pearl choker necklace sterling silver five strand genuine cultured freshwater pearl choker necklace sterling silver woven five strand genuine cultured freshwater cultured pearl choker necklace sterling silver woven pearl choker necklace five strands The gorgeous finished piece is well worth the time and effort - take a look at this sterling silver 5-strand freshwater pearl bridal choker - wow, what a statement piece!
Email me or call me at 1-210-858-9561 with questions, requests, orders, etc.

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