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Bud and Rhonda Styles in 1998 Hello!  My name is Rhonda Styles and this is my husband, Bud (this is the name everyone knows him by - his birth name is James).
Bud and Rhonda 1991 Bud and Rhonda in 1991 We were married in November, 1991.  We will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this year in 2011!  The Lord has blessed us in so many ways!
We have loved our animals!  Brandy and Amber:
Brandy Brandy Amber Amber Brandy and Amber
Patches and Jethro:
Patches Fro
We lost Patches in April, 2004 after 20 years, we lost Brandy in December, 2005 after 15 years, and we lost Amber in January, 2006 after 14 years.  We lost Jethro in June, 2007 after 14 years.  Words can never describe the loss we feel and how much we miss our babies.  Our home has never been - nor will it ever be - the same since we lost our pets.
our new babies - Bella and Spaz this is Spaz Meet Sir Spaz this is Bella Miss Bella in the window
There is healing!  Our Lord is so good!  Look who he sent to our home in October 2007 for us to care for and love!  Meet Spaz (the black male cat - yes, the name fits - he is a bit of a wild man!) and Bella (the female white cat - we named her Bella because her face is so pretty).
They were living in the woods behind our home - we believe they are litter-mates.  They were wild, dirty and starving.  We have brought them into our home, they have been given clean bills of health from the vet, had all their shots, and are de-bugged.  These pictures were taken just this week (end of Oct, 2007) after they came home from the hospital after being spayed and neutered.
We can never replace the ones we have lost, but there is healing with this new life around our home.  It is fun to have two young cats running around playing, purring, and loving us again.
Bella and Spaz have been with us for 6 months now! Bella and Spaz in the office window Bella and Spaz have been with us for 6 months now (April, 2008).  We are all getting into a routine with each other and loving each other more all the time.  They are wonderful companions and we love having them around the house.  They are healthy and happy and around 1 year old now.  They love to play and look out windows.
spaz and bella spaz 3 years old bella 3 years old spaz bella spaz crazy bella It is now October, 2010.  Spaz and Bella have been with us for 3 years and have brought us so much entertainment!  Hee!Hee!
I graduated from UNC-G and worked in the accounting profession for many years.  I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March, 1997.  It is a benign growth known as a Pituitary Prolactinoma.  I am fortunate this is not life-threatening; but, I did experience a host of other heath problems as a result from it.  I have been responding to Bromocriptine treatments very well for many years, now.
In May 1999, I started experiencing dizzy and black-out spells, fatigue, tinnitus (very loud ringing in the ears - it registered 85 Db which is the level of a shop vac or leaf blower on a good day), hyperacusis (extreme sensitivity to sound - certain sounds are actually magnified to me), pressure and pain in the ears, fluctuating hearing loss (until eventually permanent hearing loss).  For the next six months, we went from doctor to doctor and they ran a battery of tests - every possibility kept being ruled out.
Then, we received the news - Meniere's Disease.  I have been battling this for several years now.  I am one of the rare cases in that I have bilateral Meniere's (both hears).  It has been a long, hard road;  but, I have come a long way.  Some treatment options have worked - some have not.  There is no cure, you can only learn to adapt.  If you have been diagnosed with this horrible disease, or know of someone that has it, please feel free to email me.  I will be happy to share with you what I have learned.
Here are some helpful Meniere's Disease links:
The EAR Foundation


NIDCD - Meniere's Disease
Mayo Clinic - Meniere's Disease
MDIC - Meniere's Disease Information Center
I was unable to continue the high-stress field of public accounting, so I resigned in 1999.  I spent half of the year of 2000 healing and coping with what I now knew would be with me until the day I die.  I did not want to sit idle and feel sorry for myself;  so, I decided to start a home-based jewelry business.  I guess now we can add crazy to my list!
I have loved jewelry for more than 25 years now - ever since my first job in a jewelry store in my home town.  I want to bring you unique beautiful jewelry that does not "break the bank"!  I love hand-crafting just the right jewelry for brides.  I want you to find items on my site that you can not find elsewhere.  Have fun with this site.  Please visit my Fun Stuff to Know page.
I have come to love sterling silver jewelry over the last few years.  The white reflectiveness of sterling silver actually gives your face a "lift".  It makes you look younger!  I love that and the older I get the more I love it!  You can experiment more with sterling silver designs because it is affordable - I love that, too!
Bud Bud Bud graduated from NC State.  He has worked in the textile industry for more than 20 years.  He is Director of Sales with TSG Incorporated.
He has worked hard on combining his love of sailing and the water with his gift of teaching by completing Instructor certification programs with the American Sailing Association (ASA).  He is certified to teach Small Boat, Basic Keelboat, Basic Coastal Cruising, Bareboat Chartering, Coastal Navigation and Celestial Navigation.  There are not many people out there that can still teach the art of navigation by the sky.
He also worked very hard for his US Coast Guard Captain's License - he has an Inland Masters license (including his Sailing and Towing endorsement).  He is also a certified Instructor for the US Coast Guard.
He is also a certified ASHI (American Safety & Health Institute) First Aid/CPR (O2 and AED) Instructor.  He teaches USCG-approved classes to Coast Guard Captains and other boaters.  He likes to incorporate water and boat specific elements in his classes.
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