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$89.95 - $184.95
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beautiful and large genuine cultured freshwater pearls that look like the old natural pearls only found in antique jewelry today I adore these pearls!  They remind me of pearls I have seen in museums when very old antique pieces (such as crown jewelry from royal families) are on display - back in the long-gone days of "natural" pearls.  These genuine cultured freshwater pearls are creamy with golden undertones, they are baroque-shaped - lots of texture and interest.  They are large 11mm pearls, varying shapes, lots of rings, beautiful luster, very natural-looking.  These are very dramatic pieces - each one is hand-knotted on pure silk.  Always a classic!
You can select your pearl necklace from any of the traditional pearl necklace lengthsChoker 14-16", Princess 17-19", Matinee 20-24", Opera 28-34", or Rope 45"+.  The Choker, Princess, and Matinee necklaces all come with a clasp.  This is the fun get to select your clasp!  You let me know what you like and we work from there.
The Opera and Rope necklaces come with no clasp.  If you want a clasp, I will be happy to discuss clasp options with you (from simple to get to decide!) - just email me.
genuine cultured freshwater pearl rope necklace genuine cultured freshwater pearl rope necklace genuine cultured freshwater pearl rope necklace 45" Pearl Rope Necklace (no clasp)
60" rope genuine cultured freshwater pearl necklace with a rope pearl necklace, you can wear it in a variety of ways here is the rope pearl necklace worn as a triple-strand pearl necklace 60" Pearl Rope Necklace (no clasp) - can be worn so many different ways!
The Choker 14-16" Necklace is $89.95
The Princess 17-19" Necklace is $99.95
The Matinee 20-24" Necklace is $119.95
The Opera 28-34" Necklace is $134.95 with no clasp
A 45" Rope Necklace is $184.95 (add $5 per inch for additional length) with no clasp
Email me or call me at 1-210-858-9561 with questions, requests, orders, etc.
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