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sterling silver las vegas wedding charms
Are you planning a destination wedding in Las Vegas?  We have sterling silver charms for your Las Vegas wedding charm cake.  Have fun!
Las Vegas wedding cake charm pulls come with a personalized card and your choice of satin ribbon color/colors.
Check out our discounts on charms!
  Sterling Silver Charm Charm Meaning  
  Cactus You Will Have a Life of Beauty  
  Casino - Dice, Cards, Slot Machine, Roulette Wheel

*Click here for more Good Luck charms*

You Will Be Lucky in Life, Fortune, and Love  
  Champagne You Will Have a Life Filled With Celebrations  
  Cupid Love Will Soon Strike For You  
  Dancer Your Life Will Be a Party  
  Dollar Sign

*Click here for more Money and Wealth charms*

You Will Have a Life of Prosperity and Wealth  
  Eiffel Tower You Will Have a Life of Travel and Adventure  
  Flamingo Your Life Will Be Filled With Fun and Leisure  
  Gold Mining Your Life Will Be Filled With Miracles  
  Gondola You Will Have a Life Filled With Romantic Vacations  
  Hot Air Balloon You Will Live a Life Full of Happiness  
  Helicopter You Will Have a Life Filled With Fun and Excitement  
  High Heel Shoe You Will Live a Life of High Style and Fashion  
  Just Married Car You Are Going to Have a Great Honeymoon  
  Las Vegas Your Life Will Be Filled With Good Times and Good Friends  
  Marriage License You Are the Next to be Married  
  Palm Tree You Will Have a Life of Warmth  
  Pirate/Pirate Ship You Will Live an Adventurous Fairy-Tale Life  
  Pot of Gold You Will Have a Life of Good Fortune  
  Pyramid Your Dreams Will Come True  
  Shopping Sometimes a Girl Just Has To Shop Until She Drops!  
  Showgirl/Dancer Good News Will Soon Come Your Way  
  Star You Will Have a Wish Soon Granted  
  Sun/Sunshine You Will Have a Life Filled With Sunny Days  
  Theatre Masks Your Creative Talents Will Flow Freely Throughout Your Life  
  Treasure Chest You Will Have New Talents Discovered Soon  
  Wine You Will Have a Life of Romance  
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