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Hand-crafted Sterling Silver Porcelain Rose Earrings
 $11.95 - $16.95
small white porcelain rose sterling silver earrings sterling silver small white porcelain rose earrings Small Porcelain Rose Earrings - approx. 10mm $14.95
1 pair $14.95 each, 2-3 pairs $13.95 each, 4-5 pairs $12.95 each, 6+ pairs $11.95 each
To order the Small Porcelain Rose Earrings (item#:  RYSRoseSm) for $14.95...
sterling silver large white porcelain cabbage rose earrings sterling silver large porcelain white cabbage rose earrings Large Porcelain Cabbage Rose Earrings - approx. 18mm $16.95
1 pair $16.95, 2-3 pairs $15.95 each, 4-5 pairs $14.95 each, 6+ pairs $13.95 each
These porcelain rose earrings are on sterling silver posts.  You have your choice of two styles of hand-painted porcelain roses. The small roses are approx. 10mm single white roses (also available in pink and blue) with a pink center and a small green leaf.  The large roses are approx. 18mm white (also available in pink and yellow) cabbage roses with green leaves.
To order the Large Porcelain Cabbage Rose Earrings (item#:  RYSRoseLg) for $16.95...
 Hand-crafted Sterling Silver Vintage Rose Earrings $9.95
 sterling silver vintage rose earrings sterling silver vintage rose earrings
 This pair of earrings is made with some vintage resin beads I bought several years ago. The are approx. 17mm and have beautiful detail. They are on sterling silver posts. Once they are gone, they are gone.
To order item#:  RYSRoseV $9.95 per pair...
Hand-crafted Sterling Silver Mother-of-Pearl Rose Earrings $32.95
1 pair $32.95 each, 2-3 pairs $29.95 each, 4-5 pairs $27.95 each, 6+ pairs $26.95 each
mother of pearl rose earrings sterling silver mother of pearl rose earrings
So feminine!  Small hand-carved white Mother-of-Pearl Rose Earrings - approx. 8mm on sterling silver posts.
To order item#: RYSMOPRoseER $32.95 per pair...
Email me or call me at 1-210-858-9561 with questions, requests, orders, etc.

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