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All descriptions, claims and instructions on the following pages are from the product manufacturer and/or supplier.

Hagerty travel jewelry pouch Hagerty travel jewelry pouch inside compartments of the travel pouch Hagerty® Jewelry Travel Pouch $19.95
Your necklace chains will never tangle again.  This jewelry travel pouch has deluxe padding and a soft velvet lining to protect your jewelry.  The safety snap keeps your rings secure.  There are two zippered pockets for bracelets, watches, chains and large pieces of jewelry.  Special design feature to store all styles of earrings.  Locks out tarnish.  Included free bonus - Hagerty® Jewelry Polishing Cloth (treated soft cloth to polish, clean and apply a tarnish-preventing barrier to your jewelry).
To order item#:  H16700:
Quantity :
RichGlo Jewelry Polishing Glove comes in re-sealable package jewelry polishing glove Rich-Glo® Jewelry Polishing Glove $7.95 per glove
This 100% cotton Rich Glo® glove is specially treated to remove tarnish, dirt and grime.  Safe for use on all metals (gold, silver platinum), pearls, soft stones (precious and semi-precious), and plated metals.  Just gently rub over jewelry or silverware for a fast touch-up shine.  The glove contain no oils, silicones, rouge or harsh abrasives.  The glove will continue to polish your items even when it looks soiled and well-used.  Just rub and shine.
To order item#:  (Gloves) One Glove for $7.95: To order item#:  (Gloves-2) One Pair of Gloves of $13 - save 20%!:
Quantity :
Quantity :
3-M cloth to clean jewelry - will even clean pearls 3M High Performance Polishing Cloth $15.95
This amazing cloth is safe for all jewelry - even pearls, beads, all metals, glass, watches (even glasses, plastics and acrylics).  It is non-abrasive, lint-free, machine-washable and reusable.  Wipe away skin oils (very important for pearls), dirt and dust with this soft cloth.
To order item#:  PearlCloth
Quantity :
jewelry polishing cloth Sunshine® Polishing Cloth $6.50
7 1/2" x 5" cloth.  Safely cleans jewelry, gold, silver, brass, copper, glass, mirrors, flatware, hollowware, hardwood and most other surfaces.  Soft cloth with a special non-scratch micro-abrasive material.  Cleans and brightens to a brilliant shine.  Use the cloth until it is completely darkened, then throw it away - do not wash cloth.
To order item#:  SunCloth - one cloth for $6.50: To order item#:  SunCloth-3
Pack of 3 cloths for $16 - save 20%:
Quantity :
Quantity :
TownTalk Polish Co Ltd Pearl Care Kit Town Talk Polish Co. LTD Pearl Care Kit Wallet $9.25
Microfiber cleaning cloths and mild cleansers are safe and effective for your cultured freshwater pearls.  Town Talk Polish Co. LTD is famous for their century-old specialty polishing products.  This kit comes in a handy "wallet" and contains two pearl towelettes and one pure cotton polishing cloth.  Manufactured in England.
Use the moist tissue sachet (towelette) to clean your pearls.  Do not wet the string.  Dry your pearls with the soft luxury pearl cloth.  You can also use this product to clean other soft stones and costume jewelry.
To order item#:  PearlKit:
Quantity :
moonshine jewelry polishing cloth Moonshine® Polishing Cloth $6.25
Moonshine® polishing cloth gives your jewelry long-lasting shine with amazing ease.  Developed for use with gold, silver, platinum, copper and brass.  Each polishing cloth is 7 1/4" x 5 3/8".
Use until cloth is completely soiled, do not wash.  Not recommended for pearls or electroplated items.
To order item#:  Moonshine:
Quantity :
4x4 anti-tarnish storage bags - pack of 6 Use these anti-tarnish bags to keep jewelry, beads and more!  Show here with small beads inside. Tite-lip™ Anti-Tarnish Bags - set of 6 for $2.95
New!  These anti-tarnish re-closable plastic bags are manufactured with Silver Guard™, an exclusive film that neutralizes the corrosive gases that attack silver, platinum, and gold.  The plastic bags ensure a tarnish-free product even when the bag is opened multiple times.  You don't have to remember to put the strip in the bag.  Available in 4"x4" - bags are .002 inch (2 mil) thick.
These semi-translucent bags feature a sturdy easy-open zipper seal called Red Color Line™ which is your assurance of the highest quality bags in the world.
Silver Guard™ jewelry protection keeps silver, platinum, gold and other metals at their sparkling best.  Great for jewelry and bead storage bags.  This exclusive film provides for about 2 years.  Protects from moisture and dust.  Use them to store your jewelry, beads, jewelry-making parts, etc.
To order item#:  AntiBags:
Quantity :
jewelry polish cloth 6x8 jewelry polish cloth jewelry polish cloth unfolded Jewelry Polishing Cloth $3.50
Jewelry Polish Cloth - 6x8 open size.  Gently remove tarnish and dirt from gold, silver and platinum.  The inner cloth polishes clean.  The outer buffs.  Also helps retard tarnish.
Do not use on amber, coral, emerald, ivory, jadeite, lapis, malachite, opal, pearls, turquoise, or 24 karat gold.
One cloth per package.
To order item#:  TIPC68:
Quantity :

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