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**All descriptions, claims and instructions on the following pages are from the product manufacturer and/or supplier**

E'arrs® Pierced Ear Protectors™ $4.95
E'arrs Protectors to protect ears from metal allergies. E'arrs Protectors for metal sensitivity to your earrings. E'arrs Protectors package instructions E'arrs Protectors package instructions E'arrs Protectors package instructions
One of the more common metal allergies to have, as a matter of fact I have this allergy myself, is an allergy to nickel.  All jewelry, gold, silver, surgical steel, etc. contains some amount of nickel.  Nickel is a key component in the alloy process of making jewelry.  Your sensitivity to nickel could be slight or you could be so sensitive, you can only wear certain pairs of earrings for a short period of time.
Here is an economical product to make post earrings wearable for you if you suffer from nickel allergies.  They are ear protector "sleeves" that completely encase an earring to keep the metal from touching your ear. They are invisible, comfortable and safe.
These patented FDA Grade low density polyethylene sleeves slide over the post of an earring to prevent metal from touching the ear.  This eliminates metal sensitivity and irritation.  The sleeve can also be used on Frenchwire earrings
You can easily transfer them from earring to earring.
The package contains 8 sleeves and 4 backs.

To order item# Earrs701:  E'arrs® Pierced Ear Protectors™
$4.95 each:

To order a 3-pack of item# Earrs701-3:
3-Pack of E'arrs® Pierced Ear Protectors™
for $12 ($4 each - save 20%): SOLD OUT

E'arrs® L'Protect™ $6.95

E'arrs L Protect to paint on metal items to protect skin. E'arrs L'Protect package instructions

A clear protective coating for jewelry - provides a protective shield between metal and skin. L'Protect™ can be applied to all metal surfaces that may come in contact with your skin like earrings, rings, clasps, snaps on jeans, belt buckles, etc.  Dries crystal clear and can be removed with fingernail polish remover.

The package contains one .45 fluid ounce bottle.

To order item# Earrs401:  E'arrs® L'Protect™
$6.95 each:

To order a 3-pack of item# Earrs401-3:
3-Pack of E'arrs® L'Protect™
for $16 ($5.33 each - save 24%):



E'arrs® Ear Care Gel™ $6.95

E'arrs Ear Care Gel to relieve sensitive ears. Earrs Ear Care Gel package instructions

This is one of E'arrs® most popular products. It is formulated to relieve the itching and burning of sensitive ears caused by metal sensitivity. Use daily for best results.

The package contains one 5 gram tube.

To order item# Earrs402: E'arrs® Ear Care Gel™
$6.95 each:
To order a 3-pack of item# Earrs402-3:
3-Pack of E'arrs® Ear Care Gel™
for $15 ($5 each - save 30%):

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