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sterling silver christmas ornament hangers on saleAll of our handcrafted sterling silver Christmas Ornament Hangers are on sale through 12/31/10!  Use coupon code Ornament3 to save 20% on all of our designs!
Do you need a unique gift for a special bride and/or newlywed couple?  Here is my thought - someone will give them a "Our First Christmas" ornament, right?  Why not give them a very special hand-crafted sterling silver Christmas ornament hanger to hang the ornament from? Take a look...
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The round bride and groom Christmas ornament shown in these pictures does not come with the ornament hanger - it is for display purposes only.
Limited Edition Wedding Cake Christmas Ornament Hanger... Sterling Silver Pearl Ball Christmas Ornament Hanger...
wedding cake ornament hanger wedding cake ornament hanger wedding cake ornament hanger pearl ball wedding ornament hanger pearl ball wedding ornament hanger our pearl ball christmas ornament hanger is part of our wedding ornament hangers line
How precious is this?  This is a hand-crafted sterling silver Christmas ornament hanger featuring a handmade Lampwork glass bead by Pat Hoyt, lampwork glass artist.  The 7/8" wedding cake bead has pink roses with green leaves.  Notice the embellishments Pat has created even in the white cake part of the bead.  We have accented her wedding cake bead with simple white Druk glass beads.  This ornament hanger is approx. 3" long.  What a wonder wedding gift! A pearl wedding ornament hanger/enhancer is a great gift idea!  After all, pearls are the "wedding good luck gem".  We handcraft this ornament hanger from sterling silver wire, 8mm and 4mm sterling silver beads and an approx. 14-16mm genuine cultured freshwater pearl ball made of approx. 30 small 3mm pearl beads.  This ornament hanger is approx. 2 1/2" long.
To order item#:  WOH1 $39.95 each... Click here to order the pearl ball Christmas ornament hanger
Limited Edition - only 3 left!  
Sterling Silver Wedding Petit Four Beads Christmas Ornament Hanger... Sterling Silver Italian Wedding Cake Beads Christmas Ornament Hanger...
petit fours wedding ornament hanger handcrafted petit four wedding beads wedding petit four beads on this christmas ornament hanger Italian wedding cake beads ornament hanger Italian wedding cake beads Italian wedding cake beads
We make this wedding ornament hanger using a 1/2" handcrafted Lampwork Petit Four bead that is white with a pink rose and green leaves decoration.  There are also 2 smaller lampwork accent beads in the same colors hand-made by Mavis Smith, owner of Small Wonders.  This bead is a less expensive alternative to the wedding cake bead hanger shown at the top of this page. Wedding cake beads are handmade Lampwork beads that originated in Italy.  They are called wedding cake beads because of their frosting-like decoration.  They are decorated with intricate colorful glass overlays - often of roses, decorative swirls and dots.  No 2 beads are the same because they are hand-decorated.  The beads we have used in this wedding ornament hanger are opaque white glass and decorated with silver.  There is a center 13mm heart, two 11mm rounds with sterling silver accent beads.  This Christmas ornament hanger is approx. 3 1/4" long.
To order item#:  WOH2 $24.95 each... To order item#:  WOH3 $15.95 each...
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