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Necklace Adjuster Clasp (Available in silver-plate and gold-plate) $10.95 - On Sale For $8.95
Use this necklace adjuster when you want to shorten a strand of pearls or beads
This little clasp converts a necklace from long to short in seconds, adjusting to any neckline!  Just clip onto pearls, stones, or any beaded necklace to instantly create a shorter necklace.  Silver-plated or gold-plated pewter.  The clasp is approx. 3/8" long x 7/8" wide.
Silver tone (not sterling silver) necklace adjuster The back of this necklace adjuster Silver Necklace Adjuster Clasp
Gold tone (not real gold) necklace adjuster Back of necklace adjuster Gold Necklace Adjuster Clasp
To order item#:  AdjClaspSilver
Silver-plated Adjuster Necklace Clasp
$10.95 each - On sale for $8.95 each - save 20%!:
To order item#:  AdjClaspGold
Gold-plated Adjuster Necklace Clasp
$10.95 each - On sale for $8.95 each - save 20%!:
Jewelry Helper Jewelry Helper $12.50
Need help putting on your bracelets?  The clip on this jewelry helper securely holds the fastening ring while you close the clasp on your bracelet.  Made of metal and will fit in any purse.  Approx. 6" long.
Snap the alligator clip onto the small ring of your bracelet or watch.  Hold the jewelry helper in the palm of your hand and wrap the bracelet around your wrist.  Close the bracelet clasp.  Open the alligator clip of the jewelry helper and release it from the bracelet.
Here is how it works:  Jewelry Helper Jewelry Helper
To order item#: JewelryHelp, the Jewelry Helper for $12.50:
Quantity :
Click here to see the E'arrs® Clip-n-Zip™
Focus 'n Fasten™ Jewelry Wand With Magnifier Retail $47.95 - Our Price $29.95
Focus 'n Fasten (TM) jewelry wand with magnifier Focus 'n Fasten (TM) jewelry wand with  magnifier Focus 'n Fasten (TM) jewelry wand with magnifier Focus 'n Fasten (TM) jewelry wand with magnifier - helps with jewelry clasps use the manfieir and clip to close jewelry clasps use the magnifier to thread needles, remove splinters, manicures, etc. Focus 'n Fasten (TM) easily attaches for two hands free
Magnifies hard-to-see tasks.  Easy to use.  Works on all types of clasps.  Multiple uses - close jewelry clasps, magnify to thread sewing needles and trim fingernails, etc.
Patented folding clasp opener for multiple uses.  The pin in the jaws does the work for you—holding the clasp lever open—making it easy to hook bracelets and necklaces.  The new magnifier and transparent tip make it even easier to bring the clasp ends together.
Hard plastic with plastic-tipped metal clip. 7" long.
To order item#:  Focus, The Focus 'n Fasten™ Jewelry Wand with Magnifier $29.95:
Quantity :

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