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All descriptions, claims and instructions on the following pages are from the product manufacturer and/or supplier.

3M Tarni-Shield(TM) Protectors - packet of 10 2"x5" strips 3M Tarni-Shield(TM) Protectors Information from the packet 3M Tarni-Shield™ Protectors $7.95
Silver is a beautiful precious metal that has one problem – it tarnishes when not protected from the natural sulfur oxides and pollutants in our air.  3M Tarni-Shield™ protection can guard against tarnish.  Even publications such as Consumer Reports have praised the effectiveness of 3M superior anti-tarnish remedies.
Anti-Tarnish Strips are made from treated highly-porous paper containing an active charcoal absorption ingredient.  The strips are non-toxic and safe to handle.  The strips do not emit any gas, fume or vapor - they simply absorb the airborne pollutants and moisture that cause corrosion, tarnish and discoloration.  The strips remove harmful chemicals from the air and do not give off its own gases, there are no harmful side effects.  Anti-tarnish strips will not leave any residue on your jewelry.  They can be handled without fear of absorbing any harmful toxins.
These are absorbent paper strips treated with activated charcoal to absorb sulfide and other air pollutants.  This will help protect from discoloration and tarnish.  They will not remove existing tarnish - clean and polish your item first.
Anti-tarnish strips protect sterling silver, silver plate, brass, pewter, bronze, copper, tin, gold and other metals.
They will NOT remove existing tarnish!  Give your jewelry a good cleaning and polishing;  then, store your pieces along with the anti-tarnish strips to help prevent future tarnishing.
All you have to do is put a strip in an enclosure with your jewelry.  The sterling silver pieces do not have to be touching the strip, just near it.  One 2" x 7" strip will protect approximately 422 cubic inches (ex: 7 1/2" square container).  You can cut the strips with scissors for smaller areas.
Each strip will last from 6 to 24 months, depending on your household conditions.  There are many factors to consider:  amount of air pollution in your area, humidity and the air-tightness of the enclosure.  A good rule of thumb is to replace your strip at least once a year.  If you notice tarnish or discoloration on a piece of jewelry, clean it and replace the strip.
Use with sterling silver and silver-plate items - also safe for use with nickel, copper, bonze, brass, tin and gold.  Protects for up to 12 months in a sealed environment.  Each package contains ten 2" x 5" strips.  Strips can be cut down for smaller areas (1" x 1" will protect approx. 30 cubic inches).
The strips are safe and non-toxic, emit no fumes and leave no residue.  Very easy to use - remove a strip from the bag and place it near polished metal in an enclosed area (does not have to touch the item to be protected).
To order item#: 3MStrip (one pack of 10 2"x5" strips) $7.95: To order item#: 3MStrip 3-Pack
3 packs of 10 2"x5" strips - total of 30 strips
$19.50 ($6.50 each - save 20%):
Quantity :
Quantity :
*anti-tarnish paper squaresClick here to see another type of anti-tarnish paper product*
Hagerty Tarnish Intercept Bags to store your silver jewelry anti-tarnish silver jewelry storage bags Hagerty® Tarnish Intercept Jewelry Bags $8.95
Amazing!  These bags actually use new technology to attract and absorb tarnish while your silver jewelry stays safe inside.  Tarnish clings to the bag!  Watch the bag turn black while your jewelry stays shiny.  Then, throw out the old bag and replace it with a new one.  Environmentally friendly.  Lasts up to 5 years.  Each package contains four 3" x 3" bags and three 8 3/8" x 6" double compartment bags (seven bags total).
To order item#:  H20004:
Quantity :
polishing pads to remove tarnish from silver Pro-Polish Polishing Pads $2.95
Pre-treated 2" squares clean and remove tarnish from silver.  Made of tight-bond cellular foam with permanently bonded micro-abrasives.  Comes in a packet of 5 squares.
To order item#:  RG337020 (pack of 5 squares) $2.95: To order item#:  RG337020-3 (pack of 15 squares) $7.95 - save 10%!:
Quantity :
Quantity :

jewelry polishing cloth Jewelry Polishing Cloth $5.95

Teal colored 6" x 8" jewelry polishing cloth is safe for use on sterling silver, gold and platinum jewelry.  Bring the shine back to your favorite pieces.  Use the inner white cloth to gently remove tarnish and dirt.  Use the outer teal cloth to buff your jewelry to a high luster.
Not for use on emerald, ivory, lapis, amber, coral, opal, pearl, malachite, 24 carat gold or turquoise.
Zip-lock storage bag included.
To order item#:  PIP13172 $5.95:
jewelry polishing and buffing wand Blitz® GemWand™ Jewelry Wand $9.95
Cleaning and buffing wand for sterling silver jewelry.  Wand features a light blue cleaning side and a dark blue polishing side.  Just use the light blue side by gently brushing silver jewelry in a back-and-forth motion over the surface.  Turn the wand over to the dark blue side and buff silver jewelry with same motion.
Non-Toxic.  Do not use on pearls, coral, lapis, turquoise, costume jewelry, malachite, ivory, opals, or 24k gold.
Cleaning wand measures 5.25" long, approximately .5" wide and 1/8" thick.  Polishing wand comes in a clear plastic case and is a great item to keep in your purse.
To order item#:  PIP13169 $9.95:
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